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The Spiritual Gardens Sober Living Program guides, supports and nurtures women of all ages as they undertake the transformative journey from the depths of despair and isolation that characterize active addiction to a lasting experience of self acceptance, personal well being and social responsibility in sobriety.  The three phase program addresses the needs of newly sober persons to develop new coping strategies, interpersonal skills and self esteem, using the spiritual principals of the twelve step program of recovery as both foundation and framework.  Clients are encouraged to complete all phases of the program to develop a solid foundation for a lifetime sobriety.  Clients agree to random alcohol and drug screening and behavior that contributes to the harmony of the community.

Phase 1 Extra Care provides clients with a structured day consisting of Twelve Step meetings, recovery groups, meditation, yoga, group therapy , and exercise. This is a period of concentrated focus on the insideous nature of addiction and the comprehensive  demands of full recovery . Coping skills are developed while a personal  spiritual basis  is explored.

Phase 2 Sober Living Plus provides necessary support as clients begin to incorporate family time, part time employment, and social activities within the greater recovery community . The stresses of these activities are processed with and monitored by management.

Phase 3 A New Freedom relocates clients to a sober apartment shared by four women Although the apartment is largely self managed with minimal oversight, clients continue to meet with management and attend a meeting each week with phases 1 and phase 2 clients, where they share their experience, strength and hope. By this time the client is working full time, has strong presence in local Twelve Step groups and is relying heavily on the support network she developed during Phases 1 and 2. When she leaves this phase her ability to cope with life's challenges will be evident and her maintenance program proven .



Spiritual Gardens

 a subsidiary of the Women's Recovery Corp.

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